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Finding a Contractor for Your Home Renovations or Additions


Although contractors can be found easily in almost any area of the country, finding a contractor skilled in doing home renovations is often more difficult. Whether you want to enlarge your bedroom and add an ensuite, create a closet twice the size of the one you have now, or add a man cave including a theater, the details are a critical part of your home design and not every contractor is created equal when it comes to finishing work. So, how do you find a good home additions or renovations contractor?

Night and Day

Not all contractors have the same skills. Some specialize in commercial building construction, others work on homes in the vast wilderness, and still others may love creating houses built in the side of a hill. For that reason, it is important to interview prospective contractors. Make sure you have a list of questions about his or her qualifications, experience level, and previous clients you can contact. Request a copy of his or her proof of insurance and licenses, as well.

During and After

Whether you want a bathroom remodel, an attic add-on, or other home additions, make sure you mention the project during the interview to find out how the contractor feels about the plan. Once you have selected your preferred contractor, discuss the project in depth, and let him or her know exactly what you expect from the venture. If you are picky about the details in your home, say so. It is only fair to let the contractor know you are a detail-oriented person.

Now and Later

Payment is another matter to discuss before the project begins. Get as much payment information as possible down on paper and make sure both of you sign it. Refrain from paying in full before the project is done – no matter how much you trust the contractor.

Home additions and renovations are possible with the help of a good contractor. Find one you trust and make your home into the place you imagined it could be.

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