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4 Hints on Remodeling Your Bathroom In a Style That Will Last for Years

Have you ever walked into a home and viewed a bathroom that looked like it was out of a comic book? Perhaps the toilet was pink, the sink was light green, and the walls had sea shells hung all over them. Or maybe all the porcelain was a grey hue that made you wonder what year it was created. Sometimes the best intentions of a stylish homeowner go awry as they plan to remodel a bathroom, but you don’t have to fall into that trap. Here are four hints to help you remodel your bathroom in a style that will last for years.

Basic Colors Last

When you look at all the latest colors available in porcelain, skip over the trendy shades and opt for a classic color. White will always be in style, so you can play it safe and choose perfectly pristine white.

Simple Floors Sparkle

Although you may be tempted to add a heated floor, padded carpeting, or other modern flooring fabric, the best thing you can do for your bathroom floors is choose a simple flooring that will endure many years of bathroom updates. Wooden floors, tiles, and vinyl are all good materials to utilize if used in neutral colors.

Natural Lights Shine

Natural light is always a good choice in a bathroom, but when that is impossible, why not update lighting fixtures to include daylight light bulbs that shine in every corner of the room. Light can make a room feel inviting.

Main Fixtures Hide

Many people have made the mistake of making the toilet the focal point of the bathroom. No, they didn’t do it on purpose, but when someone opens the door and sees the toilet first thing, it can be off-putting. When you remodel your bathroom, makes sure you tuck the toilet behind a wall or cabinet, if you can. Your renovation company can help you find neutral colors that will stay in style for many years. They may also be able to get you discounts on your large items, and who doesn’t want to save money!

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