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Hardwood Floor Installation – Let a Professional Install Your Hardwood Flooring

A beautiful hardwood floor can last for generations and provide elegant, durable flooring for any room in your home. While installation may seem like a straightforward project, there are many aspects that make hardwood floor installation more difficult than it may appear. Learn about the challenges that you may face if you attempt to install your own hardwood flooring, and find out how you can enjoy hassle-free flooring by hiring a professional.

Specialized Tools Required

A hardwood floor is nailed in place with a specialized floor nailer. These nailers can be a significant investment and a tool that isn’t usable in other applications. Once you invest in your own floor nailer, you may experience some trial and error as you work with it for the first time. Instead, professional contractors have years of experience quickly and professionally installing hardwood flooring to minimize squeaks, gaps and other inconsistencies.

Considerable Time and Effort

Hardwood floor installation is difficult work. First, you need to set up a workstation for your saw and all your lumber. Next, you need to cut boards for a precise fit. Cutting, hauling and installing hardwood flooring can be time-consuming and physically exhausting. If you don’t install boards properly, seams may line up incorrectly or create unusual patterns in your floor. A professional team can make quick work of a project that may otherwise take you days or weeks to accomplish.

Precision Details and Expertise

Every board needs to be installed, nailed and sanded carefully to ensure a perfect finish. Uneven boards, large gaps and defects in the lumber can all create pockets of moisture and even tripping hazards on your floor. While there are areas of your home where you can flex your DIY muscles, hardwood flooring is a project best left to the professionals. Contact a local contractor today to receive an estimate for complete hardwood floor installation for a room in your home or your entire home.

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