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Bathroom Remodeling powered by in-house architectural design and custom cabinets

The bathroom, it is a solace temple that those with kids get to enjoy for few minutes of peace or a place to take a long and much-needed bath. It is a place that many spend countless mornings or evenings in, and when you think about it, it might be one of the most important rooms in your home. Thus, the team at LifeStyle has focused on creating truly amazing bathroom remodeling jobs, and have quickly become known as one of the top choices in home renovations here in Richmond, VA.

Luxury bathroom with granite countertops and flooring

Our methods

When it comes to our bathroom remodeling jobs, the team at LifeStyle wants to ensure that you are with us every single step of the way. We will first start with some basics and will want to hear what you have in mind. We will then take this back to our in-house architectural design team to whip up a copy, and sit down with you to see if we are on track. If we are, we will invite you to our showroom where you can see your cabinets, your backsplashes and counters to ensure you are making the right decision. Once we everything is finalized, we will start working on remodeling your new bathroom.

Our commitment

LifeStyle was founded to be a little different, and that is why we have quickly become known as one of the top renovation options in Richmond, VA. Our commitment to you is that you will enjoy stellar craftsmanship while having a grade a contractor that keeps to budgets and set timelines. Plus, with our use of sub-contractors, your project will stay on time with ease!.

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors walk-in shower double sink vanity and skylights. Northwest USA
Luxury Bathroom Interior With Tile Floor.

Our workmanship

With over ten years in the field, our founder has committed to running a company that will work with the best materials to produce top-notch results. Here at LifeStyle, we refuse to cut corners, and our workmanship will truly last a lifetime. With partnerships with Kemper, Decorum and Aristocrate, LifeStyle is your first choice for truly custom bathroom remodels.


Call our team today, and see why so many in Richmond, VA have trusted the great people at LifeStyle for all of their bathroom remodeling needs!