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Saving the Vacation For Next Year


Advantages of a Home Rec Room or Billiard Room

There are at least four reasons a rec room addition is a better way to use a hefty tax refund:

  • Long-term enjoyment: Vacations are over in a flash, leaving you with nothing more than photos, memories and cheap souvenirs. By investing in a rec room or billiard room, you get your money’s worth year after year.
  • Family time: Rec rooms are a great way to keep your family ties strong all year long. They’re a place where you can laugh, play pool with kids and teens, watch movies together on a projector screen or celebrate special occasions with unforgettable parties.
  • Relaxation: Few things compare to having your own space to unwind after work. Whether you want to shoot some pool, grab an ice-cold beer, watch the big game or invite a few friends over, rec rooms help you get rid of stress.
  • Home value: Family rooms and billiard rooms are a major selling point for potential homebuyers, especially in the case of couples or families.

How To Decorate a Home Recreation Area

Follow these basic tips:

  • Choose a theme: Give your room a vintage 1920s, retro 1970s or pro racing vibe, depending on your interests.
  • Start with furniture: Add comfy armchairs, a bar, barstools or a leather sectional — whatever caters best to the activities you have in mind.
  • Add smart lighting: Billiard lamps, recessed lighting, track lights and cool fixtures all make a mark.
  • Don’t forget accents: Black-and-white photographs, dartboards, neon signs, motorcycle memorabilia and other decorations are perfect finishing touches.

Bringing a billiard room or rec room addition to life with décor is almost as much fun as kicking back and relaxing in it. These laidback spaces have a huge effect on your happiness.

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